Membership Rules

Membership Rules

Club membership year – 1st January to 31st December.
Fees – As shown in clubhouse.   To be paid by last day in January.   Any member who has not paid his subscriptions by that date shall cease to be a member. A member wishing to leave the club must do so in writing to the Secretary.   Any member so resigning will be allowed to continue to play golf for the three months following the year end of membership.


Rule 28 Club Rule – all complaints shall be made in writing to the Secretary who, if he shall be unable to deal with them, shall submit them to the Committee whose decision shall be final.  In no instance shall a servant of the Club be reprimanded directly by a member. Only complaints received in compliance with this Rule shall be dealt with.

Golf Course Complaints

Any member who has a grievance or complaint regarding the conditions of the couse must make his complaint in writing to the Club Secretary, and signed. The Committee will then take up the matter through the official channels.

Special Occasions in the Club

When special occasions are being held in the Clubhouse, the Committee reserve the right to refuse entry to any person not in receipt of ticket or invitation.

Handicaps A member must report as soon as possible all scores returned by him at other clubs or courses. For further Club Rules see Constitution. To retain handicap, a minimum of 3 cards must be returned from qualifying competitions during the year.
Motorised Buggies

When used in a competition where the format is three ball, the buggy may only be used for one player and that players clubs only.