Memberships Available. No Joining Fee. No Waiting List.

Join New member 15 Months Golf at these prices for your category

Application Forms are available from the Shop/Bar, you can also download a printable copy HERE

Type Male
Under 17
Under 12
Annual £500 £500 £420 £65 £38
Couple (Annual) £900
5-Day Country Membership* £330 £330
7-Day Country Membership** £375 £375
Intermediate (18-21yrs) £130 £130
Intermediate  (22-25yrs) £250 £250


Annual members may bring a total of 12 guests over the year, for which the guest pays £15.00 for a round.

Locker Fee:  £35 per year

Buggy Hire:  £25 per round or £30 per day

Trolly Hire: £3 per round

* 5 day Country Membership -  Must live outside the Borough or 20 miles west of Berwick-upon-Tweed.

**7 day Country Membership - Must live 40 miles or more from Berwick-upon-Tweed, or be a playing member of another golf club.